How To Get Your Instagram Bio Link To Link To Multiple Options

How To Get Your Instagram Bio Link To Link To Multiple Options

Instagram Bio Link – As far as I know there is no possible way to get the Bio Link in Instagram to link to several outgoing pages or websites etc.

There are services such as that will do this for you and they do a good job.

The only problem there is, you aren’t getting any of that valuable link juice to your site.

Instagram Bio Link – Another issue is that if you are using the free version, your visitors might get distracted and think, “Ah! That’s how they do it!”.

 instagram offers-nessh

They will then proceed to start setting up their own account and will forget about your offer.

That’s great for – but not so great for you.

Here is a method that you might like:

If you have a website, you can use the following code, and create your own offer / page / outbound link selector.

You can see how it looks and works here.

I numbered all of the options because if you have a LOOOONG list, then your visitors can quickly scroll to that number instead of having to read every line.

To use the code below, change it like this:

(NOTE: You only need to change the parts that are in bold)

option value=”“>your own product or page</option

<div class="sectional-nav clearBoth">
	<div class="container">
	<select name="sectional_nav" id="sectional_nav" class="form-control hidden-md-up" onchange="window.location.href=this.value">
	  <option value="0">Jump to.....</option>
	  <option value="">5 Instagram Video Creation Software</option>
	  <option value="">4 WAHM Bam! ebook</option>
	  <option value="">3 Prevent Cell / Mobile Phone Health Risks</option>
	  <option value="">2 Vanquis Credit Card</option>
	  <option value="">1 eSCAPE FREE BOOK</option>

Credit must go to Scott Madara for the original code. Thanks.

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