Make Money With Twitter

Can You Make Money With Twitter?

This is a question that has been asked for some time now. Twitter is still somewhat new right now so not everyone knows what the big hype is all about.

To many people Twitter is only a way for people to tell family and friends what they are doing. Twitter is actually much more than just that. Twitter is a way to reach a mass of people all at one time with one simple headline.

Picture Twitter as being a “classified ad” that is broadcasted to everyone that subscribes to the newspaper the ad is in. This is what Twitter can be for you. If you have never taken a look at Twitter I would advise you log on just to get a feel for the Twitter experience just so you can fully understand what I am about to explain in the next couple of paragraphs.

To make money with twitter you will first need to build a following. To make it easier to explain I will tell you how I make money using Twitter. I have a program that I promote that automates my Twitter accounts for me. With this program I search for people that have Twitter accounts who has profiles that have a specific key word in them. I then follow those people. On average about 47% of those people will follow me back.

This program will unfollow the people do not follow you back. To put it short I add 10k-15k followers every 3 months or so. The more followers I have, the more people will potentially see my “classified ad” in this case my Twitter update.

Now imagine that classified ad going out to 10k-15k new people every 3 months. In addition to the 10k-15k followers you already have. This means I will add 40k-60k followers each year. If I can convert a minimum of 1% of those followers into clients, that will be 400 to 600 new clients per year.

For some, 400 to 600 clients is not that many, but depending on the type of program you run, 400 to 600 clients per year is a goldmine. This leads to what you will use Twitter to promote. I personally am a blogger. I blog about many topics from relationships to funny commercials.

Make Money With Twitter -

I use Twitter to promote my website, but also on my website I gather clients to join my MLM program. Twitter is perfect for me because my traffic increases every day mostly from Twitter. Being that my Twitter following increases every day as well, I am 100% sure the use of Twitter is one of the best ways to make money.

Now that you have the formula for gaining Twitter followers, how do you make money from them? The automated Twitter program I use sends my tweets (Twitter updates aka classified ads) in the intervals that I choose to everyone following me.

I choose to have my tweets go out 3-4 times per hour. Each time I write a blog I add it to the list of tweets. So if I have written 100 blogs, I will have a list of 100 tweets automatically going out every 20 minutes or so. Once the program has sent out all 100 tweets, it starts over again. As visitors view my site, they are made aware of the program I rum which makes not only me money, but them as well.

I notice on Twitter that many marketers use their tweets to promote their product. I don’t recommend this because people don’t want to use Twitter to be sold to.

Instead I use Twitter to get people to my site to read my blogs. That is my only goal. If they choose to spend money while they are there, then great, if not that is also fine because I know that repeat readers still have the potential to turn into a client.

If you approach twitter with this in mind, then Twitter can make you plenty of money if used correctly.

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Make Money With Twitter – Tips For Generating Cash on Twitter

Is it possible to make money on Twitter? This is a question that is frequently asked throughout the internet. The short answer is, yes, it is absolutely possible to earn income using Twitter. You don’t have look very hard to find stories of entrepreneurs pulling in thousands of dollars from their Twitter account. In fact, Dell managed to generate over a million dollars in revenue since it opened its account on the social network.

But the real question isn’t can you make money on Twitter but how do you do it. There are several ways to go about building a steady stream of income from your Twitter profile.

Build Your Following First

Before we get into the different ways you can earn cash using Twitter, it is important to note that none of the ideas will work unless you have a following. This is true with any type of business you want to start. You must have people to sell to in order to make any sales. It may seem like common sense but you might be surprised at the number of people who start Twitter accounts, begin posting links to their programs and then wonder why they aren’t making any money. Without a following you are pretty much selling to the moon.

Twitter Money Making Ideas

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1. Product Sales – One way to make money on Twitter is to drive traffic to a product or service you are selling. This is how big brands, like Dell, are using Twitter. They reach out to their customers and post specials, coupons and other inducements to get them to buy. Post links to your sales pages at regular intervals to bring them to the attention of your following.

2. Affiliate Links – Another way to earn cash using Twitter is to sell other people’s stuff. Posting affiliate links that earn you a commission on each sale is a great way to generate income without having the responsibility of fulfilling the order.

3. Ad Programs – There are several ad programs that will pay you for the privilege of having access to your Twitter account so they can insert advertisements between your tweets. You can approve or decline ad offers as well as limit of how many times they post. If you are looking for easy money then this is probably the easiest way to make money using Twitter.

4. Sponsored Tweets – Similar to the sponsored blog posts of a few years ago, sponsored tweets are posts that you write which sends traffic to an advertiser’s sales page. However, instead of making a commission like with affiliate programs, you are paid on a per post basis. How much money you make with this type of program is very much dependent on how popular your Twitter profile is. The more people you have following you the more money you make.

5. Twitter Classifieds – This is a different version of the sponsored tweets revenue idea. If you set up a Twitter account to post available jobs in a certain city, you can charge companies an advertising fee to post about a job openings they have in their company just like regular classified ads.

There are many other ways to make money with Twitter. Just use your imagination to think up creative ways to increase your bank account. Good luck.

Article Source: Make Money With Twitter – Tips For Generating Cash on Twitter

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