What Is The Fastest Way To Get A Stream Of Targeted Visitors?

  • How To Get A Constant Stream Of Targeted Visitors To Your Website?
  • How can I increase visitors to my website?
  • How do you get targeted traffic?
  • How do I increase organic traffic to my website?

Above are some of the most common questions asked by people who own or operate websites.

And you & they are right to ask.

The reason? Simple.

No traffic = No visitors = No business.


10 Steps To Get More Traffic / Visitors To Your Website Or Blog

Here’s what I’ve found works:

What is the fastest way to get visitors to your website
  1. Make a 3 or 4 minute long video using Lumen5.com.
  2. Copy it and create a short 1 minute video out of it using Lumen5.com again.
  3. The videos created with Lumen5 can get a bit too familiar after a while so you can use advanced tools such as VideoMakerFX, which has a lot more available variations. Our other favourites are CONTENT SAMURAI and REEVIO. These great program use some very special AI technology to make your videos really stand out!
  4. Upload both of your videos to YouTube using plenty of relevant text AND your website address and some relevant keywords and hashtags.
  5. Create a post in Instagram with the video some text and LOTS of relevant hashtags. You can get these while creating the post in Instagram.
  6. Copy that post to Twitter and your other social networks.
  7. Update the hashtags in your YouTube video, with the hashtags you got from Instagram. Additionally you can use a social media syndicating tool such as Syndlab 2.0 Pro. The software, Syndlab 2.0 Pro will help you create a campaign during which you’ll post to about 25-30 social media sites and get a lot of exposure for your site.
  8. AFTER doing the above steps, do a course on how to CORRECTLY do paid advertising or PPC (Pay Per Click). You HAVE TO learn how to do PPC or you could waste hundreds or thousands in the process as many have.
  9. A good free course that teaches about PPC is Facebook Bootcamp by Anik Singal. Then if you still think PPC is for you, go ahead and do it for further exposure, using Facebook / Instagram / Google Adwords / Bing Advertising.
  10. You can do a search to find the coupons that will give you some free credit for Google Adwords and Bing Advertising.

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