Affiliate Marketing And How To Make Money Online

In this article we will explore Affiliate Marketing And How To Make Money Online.

Affiliate Marketing

What is it?
To simplify, it means selling other people’s products and earning an income from it.

Many people don’t realise that affiliate marketing has rapidly become one of the fastest growing industries in the world and has changed the financial situations of millions of people, for the better.


  1. They find a product or service they trust and admire.
  2. Create an agreement with the product owner or service provider.
  3. They then create a method to get this product or service in front of an audience.
  4. Get paid when their audience buys the product.

That is basically it.

Affiliate marketing and how to make money online can be as simple a topic as you want it to be, or as complicated.

It’s your choice.

Did you know “Affiliate marketing and how to make money online” is one of the biggest searches on ANY search engine.


These days more and more people are looking for ways to earn a realistic living from the comfort of their own homes and control their own destinies.

Along with the rising costs of living, there is another HUGE reason why people want to work from home.

They are not 100% satisfied with working for someone else. Ask yourself if you are.

The modern workplace can be an enjoyable environment to be in as you get to interact with other like minded people on a daily basis. This is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to go to a workplace everyday.

Another obvious reason is A REGULAR INCOME.

That is definitely a big reason as we all have financial commitments that we have to meet.
If you have dependent children then you know what a massive responsibility they are.
Not only are they a huge demand on your financial resources, but they are also a huge demand on your MOST VALUABLE ASSET. Your TIME.

Another valid reason why many people, just like yourself, have decided to investigate affiliate marketing and how to make money online, is the fact that their regular income from their job, isn’t rising as quickly as they’d like. This means that they find themselves occasionally a little short of cash at inconvenient times.

Also they find that their time, that is available to do the things they want to do, is greatly reduced.

Look at it this way:

168 hours in a week

7×8 hours a week sleeping = 56 hours

5×2 hours a week preparing for and getting to work = 10 hours (if you work a 5 day week)

5×1 hours a week getting home from work = 5 hours

5×8 hours a week working for someone else at your job = 40 hours (although you have an hour for lunch, you are still physically present or will return to work within the hour)

Let’s do the calculations:

168 – 56 – 10 – 5 – 40 = 62 hours available to do the things that YOU WANT TO TO.

If we examine this even further you will see that is ONLY 2.7 DAYS A WEEK that you have available to:

Spend time with your family

Spend time with your friends

Spend time with YOURSELF !

Pursue your hobbies

Pursue your life goals and personal aspirations

Study any work related material that you might need to further your career


Watch movies or TV

Enjoy your pets

Go shopping


Can you now see where your time goes every week?

Sayings such as “there’s not enough time in the day”, and “where does the time go” can usually be traced back to a single but necessary culprit.


You see, while you are at your job, you are literally minding someone else’ business.

Remember that old saying “Mind Your Own Business!”

It has more than one meaning. Most think it to mean that you should not meddle in other people’s affairs. It also means that you should RUN OR OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND PUT YOUR MIND / ENERGY / RESOURCES ETC. TO USE THERE.

When you leave a job, that’s it. The end. You and that company or organisation part ways, and your income from them stops. And unless you have been investing your money in a profitable income generating scheme or system, you will have to find another job or income source.

Learning affiliate marketing and how to make money online can show you that it is possible to supplement your job income OR EVEN REPLACE IT TOTALLY.

Previously we discussed the fact that there are millions of people who have their desired lifestyle and are earning FAR MORE than they ever did in a 9 to 5 job. Simply because they chose to get involved with affiliate marketing.

Here are 2 extremes of affiliate marketing and how to make money online:
Gwen is an avid bird watcher. She’s been doing it for years and is fascinated by birds.
After an accident, she has to take some time off work and wants to do something to fill her time.

She has a found some products that she wants to sell, bird feeding equipment, as an Amazon affiliate.
Gwen also knows a little about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO: how to rank well and get your products / services found by internet visitors, on the search engines) and chooses to use her knowledge in this field to sell her Amazon recommendations.

She is also working with a very limited budget.

She decides to build a website. This takes her approximately 2 weeks with all of the research and preparation that she needs to do. Gwen has some experience in website design, so uses her existing skills to build her own web site.

After 2 weeks she is very pleased with her efforts and is finally ready to launch her new website, complete with the embedded Amazon affiliate links that will take her website visitors to the ‘Buy’ pages where she will start to make an income.

Next we have Rachel.
Rachel has a full time time so less time is available for her to spend doing her affiliate marketing, so she buys a course with some software included for $7 / £6 and studies it all in a couple of hours.

The next day she downloads all of her newly purchased software and follows the short set of instructions that teach her how to buy a domain name, which she does.

Rachel next finds an amazing IN DEMAND MASSAGE PRODUCT to sell, with an already proven ‘ Converting Landing Page’ (where her visitors can buy the product direct from the manufacturer).

She uses a Google advertising voucher she found online and sets up a few Google ads.

Within MINUTES Rachel is getting visitors to her page !

This is a fact. Using Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Bing ads etc. WILL BRING visitors to your website or landing page in minutes or at most a few hours.

The only thing that Rachel might have to tweak is her ad, to attract more visitors to her landing page. She doesn’t have to worry about the product because she knows that it is in high demand and the landing page has been proven to convert visitors into buyers.

When studying Internet marketing and how to make money online, these 2 examples are both valid ways to earn an Internet income.

They both work.

One will take several weeks to see any results – THE OTHER CAN TAKE ONE DAY!

It might sound hard to believe but it is true.

The reason is this.
Gwen had to SPEND a lot of time doing her research and creating her website because she didn’t have access to any funds to do online advertising.

Rachel has less time available due to the fact she has a full time job and so chose the faster method. Paid advertising.

As mentioned before, both work.

Initially, Rachel will see faster results and Gwen won’t see any results for a few weeks.

BUT….. when Rachel stops paying for the ads, THE TRAFFIC STOPS….. UNLESS she  starts to build her own traffic flow (visitor visits) to her landing pages.

Gwen on the other hand will slowly but surely start to see a trickle of traffic to her site, after a few weeks.

Ultimately, both will either HAVE TO add more pages to their website OR continually pay for adverts from Google, Facebook, Bing or Instagram etc.

Please note:
Paying continually for adverts is not necessarily a bad thing.
Look at it this way:
If you are paying £20 or $20 (or any other currency) daily for adverts and your adverts are earning you £30 or $30 EVERY DAY, you are in profit DAILY.

There are some more ways to get more traffic to your sales pages as an affiliate marketer, but the two already described are the most effective.

Now you have read this article on affiliate marketing and how to make money online, you have a much greater understanding of how it works.

The best thing you can do is to take a course that will teach you all of the necessary methods and strategies that are needed to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Here are the best two:

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.