Internet Privacy And Data Protection -

Internet Privacy And Data Protection

Privacy issues are receiving increasing attention worldwide. Internet privacy is described as the fundamental right to be left alone. Guaranteeing this right in the virtual world has proven to be much more difficult than in the physical world. The protection of people’s fundamental right to Internet privacy therefore requires active governance.

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Cyber Crime And Cyber Security -

What Is Cyber Crime And Cyber Security

Large-scale and intensive use of the Internet inevitably makes it vulnerable to crime. Next to regulating online crimes and investigative powers, trying to create a safe and secure Internet is part of the area of cyber security. In the mid-1990s cyberspace was mainly seen as a helpful tool to send a note to someone, but now nearly the entire physical world and its economy depends on it.

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Internet law -

Cyber Law: A Brief Introduction

Internet law, also known as cyber law, is one of the newest sections of legal studies and litigation. The origin of this field of law can be traced back to the mid-1990s, around the time the Internet became available to the general public. When the Internet emerged, regulation did not seem necessary. However, with ever-increasing numbers of users, and the wide variety of online activities, Internet-related activities cannot do without law and regulation.

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Copyright -

On Internet Law, Copyright And Identity Protection

Security issue has always been our concern especially when it comes to protecting the right to our privacy. And the way that the companies are protecting our personal information has been proven to be futile. There’s not a day that these companies’ business security has not been breached and private information has been stolen. Nonetheless, Congress should provide distinct ruling on this.

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