How To Translate A Website Or Website Localization

Why Should I translate my website?
I speak English!

There used to be a touch of snobbery surrounding the English language.

It was true in the past that people often had to be an English language speaker to succeed in various areas of life and there is still some evidence of this today as many people do improve their lives by learning English as it does create new opportunities.

BUT….. things have changed and because of the Internet, business is now being conducted globally, in HUNDREDS of languages and there are thousands of international transactions per second.

Translating your website can create a huge amount of new traffic and open new opportunities and marketing channels for your business.

Multilingual Website Solution
How To Translate A Website

With the rapidly growing amount of international business, native English speakers are increasingly learning other languages to be able to conduct business efficiently, with other nations and their citizens.

But what if you don’t have the time to learn new languages?

Translating your website can create a huge amount of new traffic and open new opportunities and marketing channels for your business.

There are dozens of methods, both free and paid that you can use to to translate your website.

Here is a list of a few:

  • Learn the language yourself
    (This might seem like a silly idea, however, if you know you will be continually creating new pages in another language, become fluent in it as this will give you THE BEST translation.
  • GTranslate. The BEST WEBSITE TRANSLATION AUTOMATION SERVICE. There is more information about this below.
  • Google Translate. Free translation service.
  • DeepL. A free translation service that is reportedly better at translating than Google Translate.
  • Weglot. A WordPress translation plugin.
  • Bablic. Another WordPress plugin.
  • TranslatePress. Plugin.
  • Lingotek Translation. Plugin.

And the list goes on.

The main point being raised is that website multi language translation has become the new, somewhat undiscovered marketing method of the Internet.

Think about this:

Your website has 10 pages.

There are over 100 different languages.
If you had each page translated into those 100 languages, your website becomes 1000 pages.

But by default, your website is is MUCH bigger than that.
Website building platforms often automatically create additional pages for tags, categories, images, and more.

If you are not aware of exactly how many pages there are in your website, you can type site:yourwebsitename in Google Search to see how many pages your website actually has.

If no pages appear, then you probably haven’t done the important step of adding your site to the Google Search. This is done through Google Search Console.

As someone who is serious making money on the Internet, your website may have 100+ , 1000+ , 10,000+ pages.

I’ll let you in on a little (but HUGE) secret.

Have a look at , just click the link and it will open in a new page.

At the time of writing this, there were 18,000+ website pages indexed on Google.

This website was created only 5 months ago!

translate a website -
How I grew my website to 18,000+ pages in 5 months!

How did I do that?

It was simple using GTranslate.

Installing the software was very easy, and their customer services team are great to work with, highly accessible and very helpful.

The software is truly an outstanding piece of work.

It will:

  • Automatically translate your existing pages.
  • Automatically translate any new pages that you create.
  • Automatically create PAGE TITLES IN OVER 100+ LANGUAGES
    This is MASSIVELY important.
    People may be able to translate your site WHEN THEY ARRIVE, but how can they get to your site IF THEY DON’T TYPE OR READ ENGLISH WHEN DOING THEIR KEYWORD SEARCH AT GOOGLE??
  • It doesn’t affect your current hosting as they host all of the translation pages.

This software has now given me 100+ new and steadily increasing streams of traffic.

Most of my search terms that I’m being found for are now in foreign languages.

A True Story:

There are websites that have been up for years and still have only 500 pages.

I told one of my friends, who operates The PD Cafe about my new find.

His website has been up for about 8 years and he has grown his website to about 500 pages, with hand written content.

He was impressed by the number of pages my website grown to in only 5 months and he tried GTranslate on his website.

Here are his results after a few weeks.

translate a website - website translation - website localization - translate my website - make my website multilingual - - Neesh Products 3

His site had 500 pages, last month.

This month he has 35,000+ and growing !

After a few days it had gone up to approximately 4,000 pages indexed.
The rest came after a few more days / weeks, and it is still increasing.

Benefits Of Using GTranslate To Translate A Website:

The number of pages on your site will be multiplied by 100.
For WordPress users, you can use this formula for a rough estimation of how many pages you will have after installing GTranslate:

Number Of Webpages X average number of tags on each page

+ Number of category pages. ) X 100

E.g. (25 pages X 8 tags)

+10 categories = 210

X 100 = 21,000 pages.

I know it seems impossible but it’s TRUE!

This can happen very quickly, depending on Google’s indexing bot’s crawl rate.

This could potentially multiply your Google Adsense by 100 as you will automatically have 100’s or 1000’s of new pages!

It could multiply your keyword searches by 100 as you will have your website translated into 100+ languages.

It could increase your website revenue by 100!

(I’m not saying it will, I’m saying it’s a possibility).

Anyway, that is a brief introduction to GTranslate.

I hope you have found this article useful.

Here is some information from GTranslate’s website.

Translate your website

Talk to your visitors in their native language


If you live in an English-speaking country, you may not have considered translating your website content. However, webmasters are increasingly recognising the importance of including content that appeals to a global audience, and which addresses them in their mother-tongue languages. After all, just 27% of Internet users are English speaking according to the World Internet Statistics. Moreover, a study carried out by the Common Sense Advisory found that a massive 85% of online shoppers would only purchase from websites that discussed the products in their own language even if they were able to understand other languages used on the site.

Try GTranslate with a free 15 day trial




Search engines will index your translated pages. People will be able to find a product you sell by searching in their native language.


You will have a separate URL for each language. For example This will allow you to have a better multilingual SEO strategy.


You will have your website translated instantly upon installation. Google and Bing provide automatic translations for free.


You will be able to edit the translations manually with our inline editor directly from the context.


You can see your translation traffic and number of translations on your dashboard.


You can have a separate domain for each language. For example will rank higher on search engines results in France.


The URLs of your website will also be translated which is very important for multilingual SEO. You will be able to modify the translated URLs.


There is no need to check for software updates and install them. We care about further updates. You just enjoy the up to date service every day.

15 day risk free trial

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