Ideas To Make Money At Home Online

How do everyday people make money at home online is a question that is being asked more frequently as more and more people use the Internet.

How about we investigate this topic?

What amount of time do you SPEND on the Internet each day?

Each Month ?

Each Year ?

Simply envision how much time you will SPEND on the Internet in your entire life !

For those of us conceived before the Internet turned out to be so broadly accessible, we did numerous different things as opposed to sitting in front of a PC screen or a cell / mobile phone or tablet screen. Alot of those things included getting some moving our whole bodies around, which kept us physically in shape.

Years ago, a large number of individuals refused to utilize PCs for different reasons including the fact that they found them too difficult to understand.

Presently with the widespread ownership of cell phones and tablets, computing is a considerably less demanding skill. All ages currently use them; from youngsters to older folks. It’s normal today to see little children in their prams push-chairs holding and using (!) cell phones and iPads or octogenarians on Skype (video talking) with their friends and family, hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

So How Can People Make Money At Home Online?

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There are likely 100’s of ways to make money at home online.

Some legitimate, some not.

We will only be examining the legitimate ways !

The list incorporates:

Affiliate Marketing

Internet gambling

Online stock market trading

Begin your very own site or blogging website

Online Surveys

Writing and publishing books online

Cashback when shopping online

Short term jobs online

Become a mystery shopper

Sell your old CD’s, DVD’s and games online

Create an online course using your existing knowledge

Become a full or part time photographer and sell your photos

Become your own bank by lending online

Rent out your parking space

Rent out your house for filming

Rent out your house during special events

Rent out a spare room

Rent out your house while you are away

Sell your unwanted clothes, household goods and furniture on ebay

Making things at home and selling them online

Network Marketing

And the list goes on………

Now you have a good idea of how many money making opportunities are available on the Internet, make the mental shift to give your self a richer life and consider how you are investing your time on the Internet

Simply think for a couple of minutes.

You spend energy, numerous hours week after week, month after month and yearly on the web. So why not invest that time online, instead

The dictionary defines the word ‘Spend’ this way:


verb (used with object), spent, spending.

  1. to pay out, dispense, or use; discard (cash, riches, assets, and so forth.): opposing the compulsion to burn through one’s cash.
  2. to utilize (work, thought, words, time, and so forth.), as on some protest or in some procedure: Don’t invest much energy in it.
  3. to pass (time) in a specific way, put, and so forth.: We spent a couple of days in Baltimore.
  4. to go through, devour, or debilitate: The tempest had spent its rage.
  5. to give (one’s blood, life, and so on.) for some reason.

verb (utilized without object), spent, spending.

  1. to burn through cash, vitality, time, and so forth.
  2. Old.


Alright, how about we take a gander at the meaning of:


verb (used with object)

  1. to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.
  2. to use (money), as in accumulating something: to invest large sums in books.
  3. to use, give, or devote (time, talent, etc.), as for a purpose or to achieve something: He invested a lot of time in helping retarded children.
  4. to furnish with power, authority, rank, etc.: The Constitution invests the president with the power of veto.
  5. to furnish or endow with a power, right, etc.; vest: Feudalism invested the lords with absolute authority over their vassals.
  6. to endow with a quality or characteristic: to invest a friend with every virtue.
  7. to infuse or belong to, as a quality or characteristic: Goodness invests his every action.
  8. Metallurgy. to surround (a pattern) with an investment.
  9. to provide with the insignia of office.
  10. to install in an office or position.
  11. to clothe, attire, or dress.
  12. to cover, adorn, or envelop: Spring invests the trees with leaves.
  13. to surround (a place) with military forces or works so as to prevent approach or escape; besiege.


verb (utilized without protest)

  1. to contribute cash; make a speculation : to put resources into oil stock.


As many of us know, we are encouraged (to a great extent by the media) to spend time and energy doing frequently inconsequential things. Watching pointless shows on television, going shopping just to escape the house, being in the company of individuals who don’t help us grow towards achieving our greatest potential.

Because of the digital age we are in today, we also are in danger of wasting 1000’s of hours every year reading (often pointless) Facebook and other social media posts and messages just to fill a few hours of our time.

According to the definitions of the words, we are SPENDING our time and not INVESTING our time.

Simply put, if you’re giving your attention effort, energy, money, time etc. to something for no return, you are spending.

When you are doing the same with the aim of a return of some type, be it money or a better / improved situation or life style, you are investing.

If this is a topic that interests you, consider using one or some of the ideas above.
Or do some further research into ‘how do people make money at home online’.

There are people just like you that have had that same thought ‘how do people make money at home online ?’ and have generated large sums of money from very simple ideas.

The fact is, our ideas might be simple and easy to us, but could be the solution that someone has been in need of for a long time. Never underestimate yourself.

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