Introduction To YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing


YouTube marketing. To some people, YouTube marketing is a simple, yet the largest, video sharing website, which serves as an entertainment platform for them as well as gives them a chance to learn new things by watching informative “How To” videos. Others see it as a social channel translated into 43 languages and working with more than 15,000 advertising partners the world over, which can very well be applied for the promotion of a business. All you have to do is upload a couple of videos directly or directly related to your business and find ways to increase your profits from your YouTube viewership.

YouTube can be effectively used to share your skills, market your services or products, or meet new customers and partners. Video marketing is not very difficult and compared to other marketing methods, it is relatively less expensive. You can make a video with slides or image files, also known as a photo story, that displays information you are trying to convey to your potential customers. It is advisable to create an account with a username related to your business. “How To” or tutorial based videos are very popular on YouTube because this is what most people use the site for.

There is another way to make great videos related to your business and upload them to YouTube. This is to convert your articles or podcasts into live and talking videos by using an online tool like Article Video Robot. Such a tool may not be free but it can serve to be an excellent way to produce meaningful and unique videos. The best thing about YouTube marketing is that it hosts your videos but you can display them anywhere – on your website or your blog. This way you can save on video hosting costs, which include bandwidth usage and storage.

YouTube offers a variety of features that can be used to enhance your videos. These include audio swap, language options, and annotations. Once you have created a video and uploaded it to YouTube, it’s time to set up a channel that reflects your business. Your channel URL will then be used in all your marketing efforts. YouTube marketing can also serve as a source for generating extra revenue by becoming a partner with YouTube. It is interesting to point out here that some of the partners are earning a 6 figure income yearly simply by being a partner of YouTube.

If you have decided to use YouTube marketing for promoting your business, you should set a goal to bring your video to its home page. Here your video will get the highest exposure and reach highly targeted audience. YouTube provides a number of tools for marketing your video. These include sharing it on social media, inviting people to subscribe to your channel, adding friends, and submitting your video to StumbleUpon. Some people use the email tool to support their YouTube videos. If a particular video appeals to people of all ages, it will automatically be promoted. These steps help you to promote your YouTube marketing video and increase viewership in a short span of time.

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Marketing With YouTube

When you think of YouTube marketing you probably envision mindless videos of dancing cats, babies that bite their brothers, or epic schoolyard battles. What you probably don’t know is that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world right now. Yep that’s right; they are behind Google and considered a search engine of sorts. More and more entrepreneurs are realizing that marketing with YouTube is an excellent way to promote their business.

YouTube Marketing -

If you’re considering adding YouTube marketing to your own small business marketing program, here are a few things you’ll need to know:

Setting up a YouTube Channel

When you sign in to YouTube the first thing you need to do is set up a channel. This will allow visitors to subscribe to your content and get updates whenever a new video is uploaded. It also provides you with your own little place on the web to upload as many videos as you like. It is something you can refer people to who are new to your business.

To the side of your videos you will have a short user profile. This is where you can direct users back to your blog or website. This is a highly effective means of getting traffic to your site. Regardless of what sort of business you are in you are likely going to get a good number of website visitors from YouTube. Creating your own small business YouTube marketing channel is akin to creating your own television channel would have been twenty years ago. The only difference is there are a lot more choices these days so you’ve got to keep it interesting.

Introductory YouTube Video

After you have signed up, registered, and set up your channel it is time to start making those videos. Silly gimmicky stuff gets people going on YouTube and a little novelty never hurts. Keep in mind, however, that you are making a video for small business marketing purposes; your video is intended to introduce people to your company, so keep the novelty to a moderate level.

Though you want to keep things pretty professional don’t be afraid to talk about personal things and to keep it light. Don’t include any high pressure sales messages, especially in your first YouTube video. These days, consumers respect a business person who will talk to them like they are people. They like to know who you are and what you stand for and not just see you as another faceless mega-corporation.

Recurring YouTube Videos

Marketing With YouTube -

After you have set up a decent introduction, introducing yourself and your company, you can start uploading videos that are more content based that include a subtle sales message. You want to keep all of your videos short, if you can. Two to three minutes is standards, but for a small business marketing video with an educational message, four to five minutes might be necessary. If you can’t get your content into a four minute video, try separating it into several segments.

Remember, your YouTube video should not be one long commercial. Your prospects have a problem and you want to introduce them to your solution. Try to embed your advertisement into something that is meaningful and informational. You might consider using YouTube as a form of tutorials on how to use your product, safety advice for your product, tips on using your particular solution, etc. I’ve even seen a few businesses create their own reality show. The sky is the limit.

Add Tags and Annotations

Annotations and tags are an important aspect of distributing your YouTube video, especially if you’re using YouTube marketing for small business marketing purposes. Annotations appear on the screen in textual form throughout the video. This is a good place to insert humorous comments about the video, which viewers love, or remind viewers of you web address.

Tags are basically search phrases. These are the terms that you want to be connected to your site. Though a few general terms are alright, be certain to include as many specific phrases as possible. This will improve your rankings and your chances of having your video found by your prospects who are searching for your solution.

YouTube has become an excellent tactic to add to your small business marketing arsenal. It’s free to get started and relatively easy to set up. The most time consuming aspect will be creating your videos, but it just takes a little time and ingenuity to get the ball rolling. So go ahead and give marketing with YouTube a shot.

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How To Make A Good Video For YouTube

First of all, I want to congratulate you for leveraging YouTube videos in your content marketing strategy. It’s a wise choice. The demand for video content keeps growing, and you don’t want to be left out of the game.

YouTube Video -

43% of people want to see more video content from marketers.” (HubSpot, 2016)

But how are your videos doing?

If you post videos regularly but don’t see any increase in views and engagement, you may not be putting enough thought into your video creation process.

Why Is Video Quality Crucial?

You’re probably tired to hear that quality matters. But I cannot stress enough about how important this is.

You have to increase your YouTube video ranking in order for people to come across your videos and get the chance to enjoy them.

Although it’s true that a video’s quality doesn’t directly influence YouTube video ranking, it still carries a lot of weight.

If the video is bad, no amount of YouTube SEO can make it shine.

Let’s say your video ranks high in search results and people click on it. But the video’s quality is poor and users click back after a couple of seconds.

Besides not getting the chance to turn viewers into customers, this behavior hurts your ranking badly.

How is that?

One of the main YouTube ranking factors is the Audience Retention.

The longer users watch your videos, the higher the ranking. YouTube wants its users to be held on YouTube for as long as possible, so if you keep the audience entertained and on the platform, you’ll be rewarded for it.

As YouTube states in Creators Academy: “Your goal is to keep audience retention as close to 100% as you can (because this means viewers are watching all the way through your videos). And videos with consistently high audience retention and watch time have the potential to show up more frequently in Search and Suggested locations on YouTube.”

I hope that you’re now convinced that you have to put effort into creating engaging content that keeps your audience interest going until the end of the video.

YouTube Video -

How to create videos that keep the audience watching?

High-quality audio & visuals – The way you deliver your content in terms of audio and video quality plays a huge role in retention. If the sound or image is bad, people won’t stay around long enough to find out what they can learn from you.

Let viewers know what they’ll learn about in the beginning – Around 20% of viewers will fly off after the first 10 second of the video if they are not certain the video is showing them what they are looking for. Make sure to point out what they will learn in the beginning.

Introduction – Like I said above, it’s easy to lose the viewers in the first 10 seconds. You want to make sure your introduction is engaging and captivates viewers’ attention so you make them stay around for the whole content.

Don’t ramble – Especially if you are in the beginning, you’ll be tempted to create those long introductions with unnecessary information that tend to put people to sleep. Keep your introduction on point and get down to the main content.

Script your videos – Don’t just place yourself in front of the camera and start talking. Plan your videos ahead of time and script them. This will ensure you’ll stay on point and cover the most important aspects of the topic without losing your ideas on the way.

Predict audience’s questions – One way to trigger viewers’ curiosity is to address questions they might have to which you’ll be answering later on in the video. Let’s say you make a tutorial on how to be more productive and you mention about the Pomodoro technique at some point. Saying something like “You’re probably wondering what the Pomodoro technique is. I’ll get to it in a minute” will keep the viewers interested to watch the video further.

Final thought

Put enough thought into video creation as it won’t be enough just to have content. You can do as much YouTube SEO as you can for your videos. If the content is bad, your videos won’t rank.

When you have high-quality content and do some SEO video optimization, it’s almost certain you’ll rank YouTube videos on the first page.

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