The Social Media Landscape In 2020: Interview With Lachlan Kirkwood

The Social Media Landscape

On today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Lachlan Kirkwood, digital marketing specialist, content creator and founder of clickthroughDM to talk about the digital marketing landscape in 2020.

The Social Media Landscape -

On the show you’ll learn: 

  • A summary of some of the key changes & trends we’ve seen across the digital marketing landscape in 2019
  • Lachlan’s Predictions for the landscape in 2020 including platforms, strategies, regulations
  • Why the rise of TickTok should be in your 2020 plans 
  • Why digital marketers should care about personal branding in 2020
  • How you can get started with building your personal brand and the channels you should prioritize
  • What the future of work for digital marketers might look like

* Source: The Social Media Landscape