Video Marketing Advertisement -

Video Marketing Advertisement

Advertisement has been the most prolific way to expand and promote businesses ever since the free markets began. Even the word of mouth has served this purpose in ancient times. Though the world has come along way since the print media, radio and in the present day of television and internet, the overall stratagem remains the same, procuring sales through positive marketing.

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Creating Video Content For Social Media -

Creating Video Content For Social Media

Creating Video Content For Social Media – The presence of video on a social media platform is a big part in creating a world class brand. Online video is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity each day. Each day more people are searching the Web looking for video content. This creates a great opportunity for marketers as they try to create world class brands.

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Video As Content Marketing -

Video As Content Marketing With Tom Hickmore

Tom discusses the strengths and weaknesses of using videos within your content marketing. He explains that where video excels is through being impactful & memorable and that it can appeal to it’s audience with an emotional hook, whereas it’s drawback is that it isn’t so good for detailed information. Essentially videos can deliver high level messages, delivered with a punch!

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