Video Marketing Advertisement

Video Marketing Advertisement

Making Money By Video Marketing

Radio was the media of mass communication before the advent of Television. The printed word in Newspapers and magazines was used by businesses before Radio was even invented. Now before periodicals and papers, metal signs and painted boards used to do the job.

Advertisement has been the most prolific way to expand and promote businesses ever since the free markets began. Even the word of mouth has served this purpose in ancient times. Though the world has come along way since the print media, radio and in the present day of television and internet, the overall stratagem remains the same, procuring sales through positive marketing.

Through Radio, various products used to be advertised by jingles. The popularity of the jingle ensured the viability of the product. Since, the product could not be visualized, the advertisers produced jingles for listeners to identify the product.

Business concerns quickly grasped the immense reach and popularity of the television and TV ads soon appeared like wildfire. The live ad actually reached out to the consumer in a never before way, right in their sitting rooms.

TV advertisers soon also started sponsoring TV programs and found ways to insert their product advertising within the program itself.

For advertising to be effective, visualization is almost mandatory today. The internet revolution has grasped this concept like fire before a wind. Studies have shown that 59% of people today use the internet more than television for watching advertisements.

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Video Advertising

The next logical step, thus promoting video marketing advertisement on the world wide. Video Ads on the net began slowly. As the internet bandwidth increased, actually making space to accommodate video feeds, video in any form has caught the internet population’s imagination like wildfire.

Today, chances are that professional internet advertising agencies will hit their target audience with video ads more successfully than plain banner ads. The video ad can go just about anywhere on the net than banner ads can go.

Coming to making money with Video marketing, the first step is to decide your budget and what type of advertising is required. For large companies with a substantial budget for advertising, hiring an agency that specializes in video ads may be the right step for the video campaign.

Remember to purchase the rights to the video so that it cannot be used elsewhere without your permission. Some video companies may want to retain the rights; this should be negotiated with the company you eventually hire to create your video ad.

For smaller businesses or even single product retailers, video ads can work wonders. A video ad featuring someone is more successful than that just features an object. Even for real estate brokers, websites featuring virtual tours of homes with a little human quality in the video can draw high volumes of traffic.

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Humanizing content videos for your audience will earn appreciation as well as empathy and especially humor, as nothing strikes a better cord than a little slapstick.

Video technology is being rapidly improved on the web. The next big thing for advertisers and big companies is promotion through video feeds on the net. Websites are queuing up like crazy to add videos to attract and increase sales. It’s a matter of time before static ads go out the window.

It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to promote your product through videos ads today, just a simple video camera with an effective sales pitch. So, perk up your sales with a small and friendly video and watch your sales rocket.

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